English Language Photocation

Learn English grammar & vocabulary easily with exercises, photo, text & audio


Learning English grammar perfectly is just one download away with the English Learning Photocation app. The comprehensive, fun & effective way to learn all English grammar tenses through photo, text & audio. All English grammar exercises are smartly divided and all contain examples that are easy to understand and learn! Learning proper grammar and using the correct tense in both written and spoken communication has never been easier. ELP is the learning visual tool that will help you understand grammar easily & effectively!

Grammar Structures

The purpose of the app is to makes things very simple for users to learn the grammatical structure of the sentences. For that purpose ELP consists of sub-menus. These sub-menus would consist of the form of the grammatical structure, the functions of the grammatical structure, question formation and short example dialogues.   Hence, the aim of the english grammar practice app is to provide users a language learning platform that provides all the grammatical structures they require to learn in one place. Additionally, pick an alternative language to fully understand the meaning of the sentences.


Visual Learning Tool – Photo, Text & Audio

The key defining point of this learning English grammar help app will be that users can listen to the sound of each structure in numerous examples over and over again, until it has sunk in. Each sentence will be accompanied with a memorable photograph, which will help cement these words and sounds, and bring the sentence to life. Not only will this provide an effective audio and visual language learning tool, but it will also provide an ideal reference point for teachers of English. It also brings in different effective ways of learning and understanding the language.

Useful for Teachers & Students

Using photo and audio with professional voiceover, the app wants to help by not only improving the user’s listening skills but also by improving their English grammar and speaking skills. When users can hear the language then they are much more motivated to speak it and learn it faster. With this app when a teacher is teaching the grammatical structures of the English language to their students, it becomes a problem if their students want to go away and hear and see these grammatical structures outside of class in a controlled setting. Teachers and students can use ELP so that the students can listen to and practice speaking the sentences again and again.


Learn Through Movements

The app also includes “imperative” sub-menu which aims to help users learn through movements. This part of the app helps users understand the tense or meaning of the sentences through photos, sentences, and text that requires action, e.g “stand between the 2 chairs”, “stand on the chair” etc.. In that way users learn kinaesthetically i.e. through movement.

App Features

English speaking grammar can be learned much faster than with other similar apps which are based only on text and audio, or text and photos. English Learning Photocation has the complete learning package.

Download ELP today and speed up your learning or teaching exercises and classes with an ultra-effective improve English grammar help app!

  • imperative – learn through movement
  • learn complete grammar structure
  • Pick an alternative language for translation to fully understand the sentences
  • HD photos
  • text and audio with HQ professional native voice over
  • visual learn English grammar tool for both students and teachers
  • great tool for parents to teach English grammar to their kids
  • simple & intuitive UI

English Language Photocation